:() Red Means War 3

Notes to self.
Bruce Saunders
Yesterday, 13:49

+9 more

Reds – i.e. Lib Dems:



Burrows (who put Al Quaeda  Gary Hawley in place)

Hunt (who lied to the psychiatrist about me hiding outside his house and subsequently denied in in a letter)

Leach and Head. Billy Bragg. and the Musician’s Union.

Dr Marlowe of the R.U.H.

Greens of Bath including Susan Gibbs and Peter Ford and Hazel Turner.

Al Gore and his wife Tipper.

Trying to make me disappear like they did to Bin Laden of Colonel Quaddaffi – to disappear the evidence.

Leading us to Swan matches – yellow and green

And to Cygnet hospitals and the disappearance of foreign politicals.

Leading us to Swan Advocacy and Carmen Plant again thru Nick Blencoe.

I WAS P.A.C. and still am to a degree.  Fernando knew this.

I said I was politically correct.  Fernando said “Crap!”  Democratic Alliance like Nick Clegg.

Therefore on the right.

When Right strikes Right!

Bruce E Saunders


:() A Harsh Victory

:() A Harsh Victory
Bruce Saunders
Today, 12:21
anc communications (communications@anc.org.za);
Mech Eng (mech-eng@bath.ac.uk);
David Aaronovich (david.aaronovitch@thetimes.co.uk);
Asylum Mag (asylumonline.mag@gmail.com);

From the desk of Bruce E Saunders

Dear Jake

It is hard for people, particularly because of the long delays in the press, to accept that the Art of Politics for the A.N.C. is over-coming by forbearance.

No-one can understand the timelessness of erosion but understand the urgency of the sound-bite.

It is such here.  I am frequently greeted with up-turned nose by people who see me as representative of the African National Congress and therefore am slighted for this – racism in extreme. particularly in this haven of Conservativeness where the english grow but have not yet travelled afar and changed their views.

London is the Big City for these folk and they do not like it.  It is too cosmopolitan for them.

Carmen Plant is a case to consider.  She would hate to be considered Conservative so she is Lib Dem in Bath.  She is of mixed race and would hate to be considered with the racism of the Conservatives.  So as a consequences of my e-mails this morning to your office, the streets of Bath have cleared as it seems all the car drivers are the same.  Taxi drivers and such, workers, who are not Labour but Lib Dem.

On this subject, the Lib Dems, there is a new casino to be opened here in town that was brokered by Don Foster the Lib dem M.P>

No one has commented upon the fact that City by-laws dating back to the time of Beau Nash himself, make the rule that newly opened ground, such as that of the new excavation, forbid its use as a casino or bar.

The same goes for a pub on George Street next door to Moles, owned by bath Labour Mary, the Branch Sec/Chair, it should not be allowed as it is forbade by the same planning act.  It is newly opened ground.

Further in the light of a lot of building in Bath for students at the University, Cliff Burrows has been negotiating as the Chair of the Residents Committee.  but he is ENTRINED with the University band so his building company, which has the contract, should go down and the buildings taken over by the council for rent to the students at a much better rate.

Strange place this

From Bath

Bruce E Saunders

A non-employee of the UK Government.


From the Desk of Bruce E Saunders, M.Eng





7 Mech Eng

8 Biology

1 Chris Bannister

4 BUCS including Adrian Bowyer

7 Chem Eng

2 Senate

1 V.C. Edge

8 Languages

2 Security

2 Architecture


No more complaints going to the R.U.H. from Jon Snow.  Or Carmen Plant.  Neither of whom were recipients.

Kate Moss accounted for five Opus Dei’s.


Friend of Jazz M.C. Julian has a car via his ex-fiance T444ROC – lost his house in a bet over me and whether I would remember.


ON TED-talks and racial slur on Mandela – see Bob Hawke for the creator – Sylvania Waters was the program about Aussie facists.


On the death of Helen here in Bath – see Carmen Plant – Helen was her contact on the street.


Breakwell and Plant write to each other via fax.

Breakwell and Mech Eng have a satellite converter which strictly speaking is ILLEGAL.


Be prepared to leave the Commonwealth if Labour do not get in.


Plant has been manipulating Bath traffic through the donation of £25 million to the Bath CLP.  For instance, cars this morning on Lower Bo0rrough Walls Bath


Holdsworth – your partner in Restoration




FY57LXF – Cool Mint Blur – her business rep.




From the desk of Bruce E Saunders, M.Eng




There is a very good reason why I call myself Head of Admiralty and Head of Station C.I.A. Great Britain.


It is because my Military Adjunct is still in place and Every Single e-mail I send comes off the Washington desk and the MOD and the U.N.  So I might as well call myself that.


That is why I circulate my e-mails to so many destinations.  Spite.


Not only that, You don’t know but I do, that members of the public (?) that receive my e-mails circulate them even further. I repeat.  I do, Right Jake my twin in aggression?


I had an agreement with the University of Bath, not a contract.  My interaction with the university could have been reinstated but it was not for reasons known to Claire Short and Glynnis Breakwell.  The White Paper and my South African Passport.  Breakwell was put in place by the Greens and she is a Lib Dem.  The same greens as de Klerk of the post-apartheid movement of whites in South Africa.


Instead I was condemned to the Libertarian environment of Mental Health by Glynnis Breakwell, Professor of Psychology.


Now I have been subjected to a complaint according to an Act of David Cameron called a C.P.N.  Whereas Freedom of Association and Freedom to Protest are mine to conduct as I see fit.


I have validated my complaint against the University of Bath and my protest by completing my Ph.D. alone with the same data that I left the University with in spite of the poor examinations of Sally Clift, Mo Kiscewisc and Liz Walker, A.U.T times two and Opus Dei times one.


Further Johnny Clegg was behind Opus Dei Julian Vincent hoping to get his Knighthood and DET Vanessa Leftwich Love was on the television in the form of a copywriter.  For Connie Mulder.  And Saatchi.  See the volkwagen golf ads and Cadburys of 2002/3 for instance.


The complaint against me was raised by a Head of Security who does not like reading too much.  Who is related in name to Dame Shirley Porter, Gerry-manderer like the Chair of the Bath C.L.P. and his secretary, who was the Chair of the Bath Conservatives before crossing the floor.  They take instructions from a Conservative Green in the form of Carmen Plant and Opus Dei mason Julian Vincent.


My e-mail protest was considered by Prof Giles Hunt as being the fault of the hospital yet the hospital continues to persecute me.  And he does nothing.  I had TWO opinions from mental health professionals for depression and only depression yet nothing has been done.


My Tribunal allows for witnesses yet there is nothing in the standard N.H.S. procedures for having them.


As far as the “poetry” of yesterday goes I believe that it is none other than Green Conservative Tony Bristow who is responsible, for the power cut and the jewellery theft.


Further I( was almost “hit” on my way to Kewslake hospital after a five pound note was offered me by Carmen Plant’s contact in the street here in Julian Road.  It was she who was responsible.  Carmen.  Using Hazel Turner as an intermediary which is why she (Carmen) is still at large.  She has money and influence in the community.


Jake Zuma knows about Eskom and Madiba’s poetry and so do I.  The number of Afrikaans Eskom executives under arrest has risen to 41.




Whoever came up with “TED-talks” knows about the masonic DET’S as


D.E.T. stands for Department of Education and Training as opposed to the Transvaal Education Department.


D.E.T. was for “Bantu Education” and the T.E.D. for white students in South Africa.


Hence the SOWETO riots.


I suggest Gary Mason of Pink Floyd knows more than he is saying as does Johnny Clegg of South Africa with Vincent and the White Paper organiser known as Ruth Kelly.


TED talks and bullshit walks – the supreme racist joke.  On a long road to freedom go we.


Ever since we took care of Jon Snow and the 29 000 in his contacts book, there have been no complaints going to the hospital and that includes from Carmen Plant who has never been one of the addressees but Mary has circulated them to the labour and others apparently in the community in the town of Bath without my permission or advising me so.


The Queen and Barend Obama are trying to defraud me of money owed me by G W Bush and son and her respite is to angle for my loyalty and not to see me to the turn, which is about time.  She wants to dies first before finding out I am not her son which I am most certainly not.


If this treatment continues I will tear up my British passport in the street before a British Policeman, which is illegal, and have myself deported to South Africa, my home.

:() Update – 42 arrested on Bath Campus and Eskom in South Africa

:() Update – 42 arrested on Bath Campus and Eskom in South Africa
Bruce Saunders
Thu 11/05/2017 14:25


Asylum Mag (asylumonline.mag@gmail.com);
Mech Eng (mech-eng@bath.ac.uk);
David Aaronovich (david.aaronovitch@thetimes.co.uk);

From the Desk of Bruce E Saunders

Head of Station C.I.A. Great Britain

Head of Admiralty

1.  The David A address above is no longer being fielded by him.

2.  42 Have been arrested on the Bath Campus these last three days.  Opus Dei Breakwell and Green Theory person along with Al Gore, is resigning.  Her influence brought the Green Conference to Bath in 2002, along with Gore, Vincent et al and my attempted murder by P.W. Botha through BOSS Sylvia Styles then of Natfhe, London.

3.  In South Africa the contention over Nuclear Power and a new station in Jeffreys Bay has really been about the power provider, Eskom.

31 South Africans who work for Eskom have been arrested in connection with the C.C.B. – they all handle finance and have financed the C.C.B. activities by mis-directing funds.

4.  In Bath I can see the impact of exposing Hugh Grant and Wendy of the Bath Fringe.  As well as the Opus Dei man, the Jazz M.C.


From the desk of Bruce E Saunders

Admiral, Head of Station, C.I.A. G. Britain and

Head of Admiralty



Al Gore

Peter Ford

Julian Vincent

P. Naveen

Higgs of the Higgs-Bosun Particle

Barker of Kewslake Hospiptal though he did not attend Cambridge University here but M.I.T. in Massachussetts

Marlowe – Cambridge

Steve Bell of the Guardian

Boris Johnson

George Osborne

59 academics have died at their hands in total including Seve Ballasteros.  Hazel Turner was their hired gun.  All are Rhodes Scholars from Cambridge University and Cambridge Massachussetts, all Masonic Dei as in Opus Dei, all new to Labour,  all old salts, all old son as in, they hate kids.

Frank Zappa was killed by Al Gore for “not being green enough” but actually it was because the U.S.A. wanted himj to get the Nobel Prize for music and Gore is good on the saxophone.

Kenneth Clarke used Vincent who does NOT have a D.Sc. Or any degree though he did go to Cambridge College and get recruited as a killer there, for the purpose of having me killed and Vincent has tried 9 times on book.

The Conspiracy of 51 includes

David Blunkett and Mo Kiscewisc and Joolz Holland and Kate Moss as well as:


John Coe (Seb’s brother)

Cay Con

Say Mon

Dee Hoo

Day Ron

Say Pon

Say Con

Hay Lon

Day Hon

Ay Pon

Say Hon

Say Hon

Say Hon

Say Hon

Say Hon

Say Hon

Say Hon

Say Hon

They have tried to kill me 31 times on text, 12 on book and 3 on write, 7 on ton, tee on mon, and kay on son.

There are two here on Hillview

Kay Lon = Jackie

Kay Hon = Mo

Two walking the streets of Bath – ginger 65 year ols Jazz MC and vet of the Farmhouse Kay Hon

and his aryan son of the same name about 21 and blond.

All these names appear on their respective passports as so i.e. they use anglophonic names for public notoriety for their wistful appearances as gunboy men

One of the Kay Hon’s is Jack Straw.  Labour Party never check their I.D.

Yakuza in Britain:

Kevin Edge is Yakuza No 2 in Britain named Hot Maung (on his Jap passport) which he got through his karate connections with Tony Benn, Yakuza number 1 as he was at the time.  Now they both are coming to a close and they know it for Benn has just been found asleep and that is why they treat him like cool money these days and not dead man.  He is alive and well (in sprirt) and living at Carmen’s flat in Balance Street – number 12 and then again who knew? as the police do and want the old man to kill me with a karate chop which is why they have not arrested him.  This is how Tony Bristow knew him and he wept when I told the police about his connection today which is how Bristow gained protection from prosecution til now.

:() On Claire Goodfellow and Brinks Matt, Mileham and Peter Ford, Naveen and Rhodes Scholars

:() On Claire Goodfellow and Brinks Matt, Mileham and Peter Ford, Naveen and Rhodes Scholars
Bruce Saunders
Today, 12:32

From the Desk of Bruce E Saunders



1.  Brinks Matt Job – Claire Goodfellow and her father.  She is also behind the heist at Cambridge University and the “Terr of the Art World” at the British Museum which is why she used to hire all those cars to get out of town every now again.  Mileham knew she had no income on campus, found out and has been taking a cut from her now and again.  Guy Richie knows all about it as he had a cut of the diamond life to her and her kin so he is not to be released yet.

2.   10/5/2017  07h00  G.M.T.

D’Arcyville outside Paris, Texas is the place to go and be seen according to Al Shivli and Giles (“You can’t always trust your brother”) Hunt.  It is on the Ronder Valley opposite the Rightwing venture of the hobs called Real Anything and it is about time you all went to find it and ask “Where do I find you all, about the right-ist yout’ called Real Anything and the Hoots after the Blowfish and Co which he is a band member of. (See “Friends” for the band featured there and “Joey” and the like)

Al Shivli blew it too after a un-invited visit on his doorstep by Tony Mileham on leave from a questioning about his whereabouts on the day of 9/11 which he “passed” and then failed, so to speak.

“They” are going there to a minehead called “Peninsula Brand” to collect evidence they stashed there in 2010 of the atomic attempts at wars and move the evidence to another place called “Brand X” near by about 500 yards to the north and another 1000 west (in code).

Across America in a line right now, people are moving towards mineheads to secure the wasteful looking verg known as peace-feel and the looks of it are so bad they are going to be arrested soon and that will be another version of life gone down for it is wrong to be able to make the end of all not the right of wear.

Tony Leftwich looks like Tony Parsons of the BBC “Just a minute” team.  Have you noticed?  Friend of Derek Nimmo..?  Parsons is a right wing Gog or a random-like journey into time like the red or green of blue and gray i.e. he is wrong and not right and so it is he is wrong and right too – he makes all the girls giggle with his insane butter and not crunch called the wind-up brigades of China where he lives in Bath near the Rd called the Versuve or Old Grey Whistle in Town near Monmouth Street just above tower hill in the red wood under Lye.  See ASLEF and trains that whistle passing through Bath at night called the Rear-ended – known to Vincent too.  (Hunting Red Oktober, people!)  Who did Mason TUC Head Honcho Ed Balls disconnect, as it hasn’t happened for a while – it used to happen to show I had the support of the unions a la Boris Johnson?   Like I was Zuma in his inaugeral elections according to the New Statesman at the time.  XYZ from Vincent.

3.   Peter Ford and Naveen leads to The A.U.T. and then to Rhodes Scholars all over the country.