1. I was a Professional Trade Union Officer before I came to Bath University to do my Masters and to stay on to do my Ph.D. I still am a professional, unemployed or not. I cannot afford legal fees and a solicitor and therefore I am FORCED to represent myself in the only form available to me, that is, by e-mail protest.  You persecute me as a poor man who cannot afford legal representation, and you, Breakwell, are enamoured with your surname, and use the Bath Police Force to do your bidding.


  1. The University of Bath has not observed its statutory obligations to me in any way or form. Freedom of Information letters, Subject Access Requests, etc – all have gone by the wayside in a manner that suggests that the University of Bath answers NONE of these to any members of the public or students or staff. If it does then it is guilty of discriminating against me.  The Vice-Chancellor has refused to see me on the only three occasions I have come to the campus in 11 years.


  1. I am the ONLY student to have gone to both Wits and Bath University that I know of. Peter Ford is the only academic I know of who taught at both and Tony Miles and Susan Gibbs the only South Africans I met there, apart from June Mercer Chalmers, an ex Rhodesian.  I met Peter Ford again only after my four years as an undergrad.  Tony Miles was the first person I saw when returning to campus after my assault.  It is not strange to think that Ford and Miles had met on campus and that I was not aware of this.  I was assaulted and called “American!” as if to deny my South African- ness and my entitlement to call myself M.K.  Which Jacob Zuma and Nelson Mandela himself, endorsed.  I had my South African passport stolen from my bedsit when living in accommodation of Martin Sparkes, who we know now knows Peter Ford.  Through the Bath Greens as is Hazel Turner.  And Al Gore, Tony Miles and F W de Klerk.  Hazel Tuner: “It’s your C.V.”At the time of my assault:  “Are you a legend?”


  1. I am the only white member/supporter of the African National Congress that I know in Bath/Britain. As such I am representative of the Africans that largely make up that party and as such I have been subjected to terrific racial abuse including being assaulted, rhohipnoled in the company of Fernando, friend of Serpil and attender of The Bell, where Don Foster sat on the Board, having my car vandalised and burnt out, and being complained about to the Royal United Hospital by my supervisor, Adrian Bowyer, who was subsequently given redundancy by Tony Mileham, the man who said: “Change your friends”.  He also said “I think you should leave”making my departure from Bath campus inevitable.  He did not look at my work prior to this statement.  Patrick Keogh appointed him as my supervisor despite my complaint.


  1. As a law abiding man I have spent four nights in total in Police Cells in Bath. Racism.  Your Police Force, Breakwell.


  1. I said to the Vice Chancellor – “I’ll see you in court!” and I got a night in the cells for harassment. 33 days later. But I did not get time in court.  Instead I was almost murdered in the cells.


  1. I have completed my Ph.D. including three papers publicised and even though another named Alex Parfitt graduated without a SINGLE paper published, Patrick Keogh “There’s no rule against that” openly displays the prejudice he employed in not allowing me back to graduate. Custom and practise therefore says to get a Ph.D. from Bath University you need not publish, you may not be A.N.C.  This is racism.  In the extreme.
  2. Adrian Bowyer openly states online that he presented at TED-talks – what he does not say is he was boo-ed and hissed for his time.


  1. You treat me like I am old school A.N.C. like Jacob Zuma, “stupid with only access to the D.E.T.” but we are not fooled and shall not be. We wear the roses and you do not.


This shall be repeated and elongated with the facts.


Author: Bioman aka Microman

Unstable writer and poet and biomimeticist with an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Willis. I have a name for it called the schizophrenia effect when they give you so much anti-psychotic they cause symptoms of it. I am for the Right of All to legal protection from these psychiatric scum.

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