:() Tragi-comedy – it hurts when I laugh – cleaning up Bath

:() Tragi-comedy – it hurts when I laugh – cleaning up Bath
Bruce Saunders
Yesterday, 12:56

+10 more

You will note that all the reds I cited








John Innerd of Abbey taxi’s.

ALL live in BATH.

I used to smoke green which I bought off of Grenville Williams son, then Chair of Bsath Labour Party.

Note his wife has changed her name to Sylvia Jones and is still a part of Bath CLP.  Labour do not check I.D.’s.

Pete Marsh is Chief Constable.  The whole of Bath is screaming now, Breakwell.  They ruined my career for their own purposes, saying that because I smoked weed as a student I MUST have schizophrenia.

That is of course, Giles Hunt and Marlowe at the Bath R.U.H.

Note also and this is hilarious, that so many people look at blogs and think they are the only ones who see.  When the whole world knows that Barrack stole of of me.

Theresa May is accused of trying to murder me at Keyensham Police Station.  Because of my influence.

Note too that a U.S.S. feed on a blog does not show.  And that a rejected e-mail still goes to the server.

My creative juices are flowing so it is best NOT to let someone know they have too large an audience.

Bruce E Saunders


Author: Bioman aka Microman

Unstable writer and poet and biomimeticist with an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Willis. I have a name for it called the schizophrenia effect when they give you so much anti-psychotic they cause symptoms of it. I am for the Right of All to legal protection from these psychiatric scum.

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