:() Masonic Sect of the Wet

:() Masonic Sect of the Wet
Bruce Saunders
Yesterday, 15:48

+10 more

are Dedicated to the death of Madiba’s children

have just been set back with the unleashing of my venom against Pete Marsh of the Bath C.L.P.

His place is on Bear Flat.

I am the Bear.  As the Lead  singer of the Fun Loving Criminals said at a gig in Bristol

I “sing in the wrong key” i.e. flat.


Musician’s Union of Billy Bragg, Simon Roberts who recorded at Abbey Road studios of Paul MacCartney fame

and of course the band “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” and their t-shirts after the SADF wake up call

“Hands off cocks and on with socks!”

Oh yes, The Chilli’s are as red as Trump.



Author: Bioman aka Microman

Unstable writer and poet and biomimeticist with an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Willis. I have a name for it called the schizophrenia effect when they give you so much anti-psychotic they cause symptoms of it. I am for the Right of All to legal protection from these psychiatric scum.

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