Bruce Saunders
Yesterday, 14:17

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It’s my culture!

War on drugs huh, Bath?

When you have Pete Marsh and the Chief Constable Marsh, Pete’s buddy John Innerd, both of whom own/ed bed and breakfasts in Bath.

Cliff Burrows of the residents association AND Bath University AND McAlpine Construction….

and you say I am on drugs?

I wonder how many of the reds SPEAK to members of the Bath population and are aware of their racism?

Like Serpil’s husband.

Or Loren Borale of Cape Town and Simon Robetrs of Bath now Cornwall and the Musician’s Union with Billy Bragg?  Like Dr Leach and Head?

In a world that is changing its mind on drugs policies

Bath has gone the opposite direction!!

In Holland there is no such thing as schizophrenia.

It is a National Policy.

How many black students, Matthew Pinsent of Bath University, has Giles Hunt sent to the Royal United Hospital?

Hi  Ingrid and the others of Bath C.L.P.



Author: Bioman aka Microman

Unstable writer and poet and biomimeticist with an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Willis. I have a name for it called the schizophrenia effect when they give you so much anti-psychotic they cause symptoms of it. I am for the Right of All to legal protection from these psychiatric scum.

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